Haunted Halloween Headband - Spooky Tools & Weapons Collection - Menacing Arrow

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Get ready to spook and delight with our Haunted Halloween Headband featuring the Menacing Arrow. This hauntingly stylish headband is the perfect addition to your Halloween ensemble. Embrace the eerie charm and elevate your look for parties, trick-or-treating, or any spooky gathering. Unleash the Halloween spirit and turn heads with this captivating accessory. Shop now and bring an extra touch of mystery to your hauntingly fun celebrations!

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Features a black headband with two halves of a fake arrow attached to it which creates the illusion it’s been fired through your head. The sharp end of the arrow has fake blood to complete the illusion. Can be used as a Halloween or stag night costume addition, a party trick or just if you’re the practical joker of your friends and want a cheap way to creep them out.

  •  Bloody Arrow Through the Head Headband
  • Chilling Assortment of Realistic Props: Menacing Arrow.
  • Durable Plastic Material: Crafted from sturdy plastic, these props guarantee a long-lasting and realistic appearance, adding an extra layer of authenticity to your costume. Each prop is meticulously designed for maximum scare-factor.
  • Universal Fit: With a one-size-fits-all design, this headband ensures a comfortable and secure fit for all head sizes, eliminating any worries about finding the right size and allowing everyone to indulge in the Halloween spirit.
  • Effortless Assembly: Putting together your terrifying look has never been easier! The user-friendly design of the Haunted Halloween Headband allows for quick and hassle-free attachment of the spooky tools and weapons, creating a seamlessly complete and frightful look.
  • Unleash the Thrill of Halloween: Embrace the chilling excitement of Halloween with this captivating headband. Prepare to send shivers down spines and leave a lasting impression on everyone you encounter, as you become the center of attention at any Halloween event!

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